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15gm Vitamin C Ester Ascorbyl Ascorbic Ester C Powder

Vitamin C Ester
15 gm
Calcium Ascorbate
Ester C Powder
~ A Brown Powder ~
Water Soluble Antioxidant
Repairs & Helps Protect against Sun Damage
Add to your favorite creams, lotions, gels, sprays, toners, cleansers fresh daily.


Add your actives fresh...
Antioxidants are activated as soon as they combine with water or oil releasing their healing properties. They are the "anti-rust" of the skin care industry. They are still effective if they are in a "ready made" product, but much MORE effective if added fresh daily, weekly or even monthly. The chemical breakdown of the product begins after it is activated. Now you can add these potent properties to your skin care regimen with ModelSupplies.
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to deliver Fast & Phenomenal results!
Actives at their best and they save you $$$

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Ingredients include:

Shea Butter
OM Cinnamate
Haloxyl (R)
Oleic Acid (exclusive on eBay!)
Hyaluronic Acid
& More! Add an Active to your skin care routine today and see the results tomorrow!

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